Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Yokoo is basically one of the coolest, if not THE end all, be all, COOLEST mo-fo out there. Please forgive it you’re reading this Yokoo, I mean it as only a loving admirer can. Yokoo makes chunky knit accessories like enveloping scarves, giant boa constrictor necklaces, and lush and voluminous pom-pom headbands (I really want one!). To sum up: everything is just thrilling and massively scaled. There really should be more accessories in the world that make you feel like they are wearing you, but wearing you in a good way. Like you look good on them. But until that happens, Yokoo is our salvation.

In just under two years she has become a famous fixture on handmade indie site She’s so famous that there are artists on the site that actually use her as a subject in the work they sell. She has been interviewed by Etsy, Nylon, and Vice Magazines, and has been featured on countless blogs, including Urban Outfitters’, and just recently, I believe she made her first celebrity sale to Gwen Stefani. This is a pretty impressive list coming from someone who when asked, “How do you promote your work?” responded with, “ I haven’t done too much promotion. I post to Flickr every so often…” Not to contradict Miss Yokoo or detract from her intoxicatingly hip creations, I do believe that her best marketing tactic is that she in fact does promote herself through the quirky, cool, ad like photographs of her work. She is her own model and photographer and the images she uses on her Etsy site, are just as desirable as art pieces as her knits are as fashion accessories. You go Yokoo, I love the multi-tasking quality of your work; it sells itself. Her images are becoming so iconic that the Atlanta native has become somewhat of a celebrity. Recently on a trip to New York City, a fan in the APC boutique spotted her. Yokoo is definitely moving on up to the East Side. 

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