Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Week One: Show and Tell... it with Stripes!!

I started the week off thinking, stripes, how hard could it be right? Ha. Here are two examples of some of my more inventive responses to my brief.

a). Tuck Stitch Stripe:

b). I don't know what to call this. It was one of those "happy" accidents that you try to recreate over and over again, but can never remember how you messed up in the first place. It's along the lines of a Tuck Stitch Stripe, but the stitches were dropped and the sample washed to felt the knit and keep the stitches from unraveling. Secrets of the trade, secrets of the trade.

I have so many samples from week one and two that my binder refuses to close, I have to leave it open. I made a mad dash to a stationary store after the course today (everything closes here at 6, the course ends at 5/5:30 and it takes 30 min to walk into the center of town) to get a extra large binder that will probably only hold the samples from week one alone. Ahhhh!!! Knitters accumulate so much stuff!!!

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  1. Wow this is all so exciting! Congrats on the grant and do keep us mere mortal knitters/knitwits clued in with yarns from your yarn course. So inspired I'm dusting off my needles tonight!