Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Knit of the Week - Cleopatra's Got Nothing on You

Knit of the Week for Feb 10th to 16th:

Drum roll please!!!!!!!!

This week's Knit of the Week is inspired by the fantastic and jewelry laden Egyptian queen Cleopatra. I think every incarnation of Cleopatra would be proud, from the queen herself to Vivian Leigh, Sofia Loren, and Elizabeth Taylor. The collar is made from 100% lambswool that I handwashed to make it feel extra soft. Wear it as a scarf or a necklace, either way it looks great over just about anything. I kept trying it on with dresses, tube top shapes look especially good underneath.  Handmade in the UK.

The Cleopatra Neckpiece on sale for one week ONLY here.


  1. Sold! Gotta be quick! Check on Feb 17th for next week's Knit of the Week.

  2. oh this is so gorgeous--you need to make it again!!