Friday, 5 February 2010

Take a wee little piece of my heart...

So I can't believe I've been here for 4 weeks. Is that possible? I'm sure it's only been three. I can only tell by where I've been on the weekends, glasgow, then london, then copenhagen, now glasgow and london, wow. It really has been 4 weeks. What do I have to show for myself? Well, Monday (maybe Tuesday) I will unveil my first piece/garment, followed a week later by the one I'm working one now. I've decided that in an effort to raise moohlah for more materials (YARN) I will be selling the pieces I make each week for that week only for the low price of $50 (£30). No matter how many days have gone into making it, no matter how expensive the wool is, no matter how big or how small (though if it is terribly small I will lower the price to $30!/£18). All these pieces are one of a kind originals, as I am really just practicing all the techniques I'm learning by making them. Since I'm kind of freestyling it and not taking any exact notes on how I've made everything, there's no way that they'll be perfectly replicated, to be honest, some required so much work, I may not even want to. So come back on Monday (maybe Tuesday) to check out the Knit of the Week, on sale for $50 for one week only!


  1. YAY! will you be posting Knit of the week here or in your etsy store? I guess I'll check both.

  2. I'll do it on both as it'll be easier to just use etsy to checkout. Going to dublin in 2 weeks, really excited! Think i'll find any irish farmers on a day off?

  3. Hey Charlotte,

    I have been meaning to email you for a while - time has indeed flown recently! I would still love some of your knitwear here at Welcome Home, let me know when you're next coming back to Glasgow. Also my knitwear designer friend is coming up for a residency here at the end of March - you need to meet her!

    Speak soon - Mhari