Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Week Three: I am the MOST indecisive person on Planet Earth

Right. So this week we were supposed to make a garment based on what we learned over the first 2 weeks.  Out teacher encouraged us to build/upon existing swatches we'd made during that period. Totally my kind of teacher. You saw the first swatch I did, but here's the second:


I've tried to cable cables here with varied success, but it's the idea that counts. Now because that tiny section took just about 50 billion years I decided to turn last week's swatch into a garment. That was 1/16th of the battle. The other 15/16 was trying to chose one of the following as the final look (an infinitesimal part of that last fraction was making the back, bust and shoulder straps of the top). 

but of course the mannequin wasn't enough, so I had to get one of the other students in the workshop to pose for me:

which idea won out? Check back soon for more pics and more stories!

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