Thursday, 18 February 2010

Knit of the Week: The Flap in the Wind Tank

The second installment of the Knit of the Week is the Flap in the Wind Tank. Now for those of you new on the scene, I am in a 12 week machine knitting workshop and every week I will sell one of my creations for $50 only. Now the girls in my class think I'm completely crazy for selling anything so cheap, but it's a great way to support me and Isobel and Cleo at a fraction of my usual prices. So I said last week, these pieces may not be perfect, but they are wearable and will be totally original! Some styles (like this week's Knit of the Week) will never be remade, so own something completely unique.

A word to the wise, last week's knit went within an hour so don't think too long!

Flap in the Wind Tank
on sale here for one week only!
Wednesday February 17th to Tuesday February 21st.

This piece was created during Week 4 contours and decorative fashioning. We not only learned how to subtract excess fabric away from the garment while on the machine, but also how to add extra fabric. This piece is made from Cotton and Lambswool. Size Small.

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  1. I am listening to your oldies choice on Steve Wright in the Afternoon - enjoy wearing the badge!