Tuesday, 2 March 2010

If you can't beat them, should you really give up and join them?

You know, I really used to like Prada. I have a few Prada pieces myself. Nothing major, just enough to send a nod off to Miucccia that, "Hey, I salute you!" But then she had to go and do something like this:

Miuccia, Oh Miuccia! WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME???!!! Just remember where you saw it first guys. I've had this idea for years now everyone's going to be comparing me to Prada. Grrr. How can I compete? No one's heard of me, everyone's heard of Prada. Even though I titled this post, "if you can't beat them..." I'm somehow feeling a little renewed feisty-ness coursing through these veins! I know!! Maybe if when people see these, they'll think a). I want these now, where can I find some embellished tights?, search on Google and find me. b). Think, "love those tights, but they're way too expensive," search on Google, find me and say, "love those tights, but they're WAY too expensive! Who does she think she is, Prada?" or c). Think, "I love those tights! Maybe I could just knit them myself, or get Grannie to do it." If only I could just get an investor. Ah, oh well. One can dream. Guys don't you worry, I've got some ideas for more tights/leggings and socks. I'm such thankful it wasn't a complete direct rip or different kinds of embellishments on the tights because then it'd be a lot worse. In the meantime, keep checking here or isobelandcleo.etsy.com.
Bring it Miuccia. Any last words?
Excuse me while I go knit till my hands fall off.

Past Isobel and Cleo Styles:

It's is interesting to note that Prada's Embellished bits are on the front of the leg. Perhaps she thought of what all the people have been saying to me: "But how are you supposed to sit down?" "That looks so uncomfortable!" Etc, so on and so forth.  For the record I'd like to say, I thought of those same questions, who knew! These tights are so damn comfortable when I tried them on I wanted to move into them and start paying rent! I wonder what the massive department store Liberty, who just told me three weeks ago, that my knits were: "not commerical," and, "couldn't imagine how to style them," let alone "wear them" would say now. Probably the same thing. Sometimes I still feel like I'm in high school and I'm just not in the popular crowd.  xoxo, Gossip Girl


  1. If it makes you feel any better, when I saw those Prada tights a couple days ago, I immediately thought, "Hey, they got that idea from Isobel and Cleo!" I shook my fist at M.P. for you. I have a feeling that everyone who follows your lovely work is going to have a similar response. I'm saving up for a pair of your bubble back tights. They are AMAZING!!!!!! I wish you the best of luck and eagerly await the day when your designs are hanging on a rack directly opposite Prada's. I have a feeling it's gonna happen for you soon. Your designs are awesome.

  2. what do they say? imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Soon, Prada will be hiring you because you'll be too big to knock off. ps. yours are still cooler