Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Knit of the Week - Trangle Blanket Wrap

Ok, so I intended on having two knits of the week this week, but I'm telling you: my little knitty eyes are too big for my knitty hands, project wise. I'm working on a doozy right now. It actually started two weeks ago and is the neverending story, but unfortunately, without the friendly dragon. If you know anything about me, you know that is SO me, devising genius(!) plans that I think I can finish in a day, maybe even two days, but in actuality take about 2 months. I'm actually working on one, two, three, different garments with a fourth (A FOURTH!) that I hoping to start Thursday, which is... oh geezus H, tomorrow. This is not counting the two orders that I have to make for isobel and cleo customers, and oh right, the Fall Winter 2010 collection for isobel and cleo. Which is still a hazy cloud in the back of my mind. I'm thinking of just promoting the show and sending out press releases because the threat of a looming show with an audience may be the only thing to kick my butt into gear. I'm really kicking myself for coming up with this Knit of the Week idea! (But really I secretly love it, because I totally thrive on this level of hysteria). On to the Knit of the Week...

The Triangle Blanket Wrap
100% soft soft soft Lambswool
made in United Kingdom (can't wait till I go back to Scotland, 'Made in the UK" just really doesn't have the same ring to it).
One size

This blanket shawl is made from a soft blue lambswool with a triangle jacquard pattern over the entire fabric. Can also be worn as a chunky scarf. I'm sure you'll figure out lots of other ways to wear it. At present this shawl is beltless, it's pictured with a measuring tape wrapped around the model's waist twice. If you are really nice and promise me that you'll love isobel and cleo forever, I can make a belt for the purchaser.

and as always, on sale for one week only here.


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